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Staying up-to-date the easy way

Tips on how you can stay abreast of developments in your area using free and easy-to-use tools that are available on the Internet.


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Calling all readers: your feedback is requested

Here’s your chance to feedback on which articles you found most useful and what you’d like to be reviewed next.

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Are personal webportals useful for medical communicators?

Overcome the clutter of a crowded browser toolbar by including your most often used websites on a webportal that acts your default home page. Find out which webportal technology came up trumps in the test carried out by a non-technical medical writer.

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Harnessing the power of Web 2.0 for medical writers

A companion piece to A look at (free) medical and science search tools (see below), this article looks at Web 2.0 applications that may be of use to researchers and writers in the biomedical fields.

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PLos debates professional writers

Call for transparency when using professional medical writers

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“Bad scientists”, MMR, LBC and Ben Goldacre

Nutshell of the whole MMR, LBC radio and saga for anyone not yet aware…

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A look at (free) medical and scientific search tools

A review of free-to-use general, medical and scientific search engines for searching peer-reviewed literature, books, conference information, images, and general information on the Internet

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